Sweet, Sweet Time

by Gleewood

Released 2016
Jhett & the Ginger Productions
Released 2016
Jhett & the Ginger Productions
Musky Americana that swaggers through blues, folk, and rock 'n' roll, with lyrics that lend a story to folk and roots music enthusiasts with an energy that swells into guitar solos from the heart of the psychedelic 60s.
The rugged and powerful bass baritone vocals of Jhett Schiavone weld with Callie Sioux's high clear soprano to deliver a timeless sound across the vintage canvas of their instrumentation.

Thousands of miles and nearly a thousand shows later, Jhett and Callie Sioux finally got out of the van and back into the studio to lay down Gleewood's second full-length album. Their acoustic roots have been electrified and cranked up through scorching tubes to produce their most diverse and dynamic release yet. Gleewood graduates from the adolescence of their musical career in acoustic folk music to a firmly established, progressive folk rock band in today's Americana music scene.

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