"We are proud and happy to announce that Gleewood will be working with us from 2019 and onwards!
We are looking forward to set up some great tours together!"

March 2019 Tour To Be Announced 

"As traveling musicians Jhett and Callie Sioux have seen the world like so many can only dream. Their experiences show in the talent of their music.  Even with their hectic schedule, Callie Sioux took the time to talk with us."

Read interview here

"Their version of “The House of the Rising Sun” was eerie. A Gleewood original, “Whiskey Sue” was a ballad where Jhett and Callie switched vocal leads, taking on the parts of the man and woman in the song. It was a nice bit of theater. Another moment of theater happened when everyone in the band took off their hats and headbanged. Callie even stepped up on the drum platform so she could rock out. Since there’s a lot of long manes on the guys and shorter moptops on the ladies, this was quite a show. Though Gleewood rocks hard, it does a lot of story songs that speak of life and living and hope. If you can get a chance to see these guys live, please do."

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Starting on September 16th and running through October 8th the complete band will perform for European music fans at the most popular venues across the continent. Show dates include Mariehamn, Stockholm, Kobenhavn, Lubeck, Luneburg, Hamburg, Munchen, Clenze, Bergedorf, Hanover, Berlin, Chemnitz, Antwerp, Londerzeel, and Amsterdam.

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Today, John in Houston PR LLC announced that resident New Mexico Americana Folk group Gleewood™ would embark on a month long six country, fifteen city European performance tour. The group famously known for its aggressive performance schedule of 800 shows to date is not slowing down.


Read more here

Exclusive interview with the lovely folks at Traxx24.com for their musicians blog. Traxx24 is based out of Berlin, Germany. 

Read it here

"Shades" from Gleewood's new album, "Sweet, Sweet Time" has won Best Rock Song by The Akademia Music Awards, L.A.


'This mid-tempo rocker takes the time to make its case by vocal and instrumental eloquence - 'Shades' extends a vital crossover tradition in music with laudable verve.'

Listen here

"The second concert will be July 28 with the Gleewood Band from New Mexico. Their album, “Sweet, Sweet Time,” was nominated for best rock album of the year in New Mexico.

One reviewer said the band on the album “flows seamlessly from psychedelic rock with blues elements to folk rock,” according to a news release."

Read more here

Album Review
Band: Gleewood
Album: Sweet, Sweet Time
Compares to: Steppenwolf, The White Stripes, The Mamas & The Papas, Nancy Sinatra

Ruidoso New Mexico husband and wife duo, Gleewood has released their full length album Sweet, Sweet Time. I threw this album on while on a drive up I-15 through the middle of Utah. I found myself instantly rocking out and reaching for my notepad. I knew I was going to have to write a review.

This album exhibits mastery! The band flows seamlessly from psychedelic rock with blues elements to folk rock. While the album captures Gleewood in all their live glory it also has those beautiful touches of time well spend in the studio. The details were not neglected. This album is a community effort, it was recorded by Klas Ahman & Richard Cagle and mixed and mastered by Rick Parker. It features many musicians from the broad scope of Gleewood's travels including Donny Marling and Josh Landry on percussion, Corina Meeks on fiddle, Robin Scott and Walt Evans on guitar and myself, Tom Bennett on harmonica.

The album begins with "Tick Tock" a little instrumental ditty that warms up your ears for the journey you're about to take. Title track "Sweet, Sweet Time" starts off the album with some of that Southern swagger that Gleewood has picked up touring the South. It is a 60's style, sun soaked groove. "Shades" is a rowdy and rough track. It's a little witchy!

Gleewood standard "Whiskey Sue" is quite the engaging tale.The story of Jhett's (vocals, guitar, Irish bouzouki) Great Grandpa who was a moonshine runner. I have heard the song many times live, but this album version is flawless. The guitar tones are rich and haunting. My favorite part of the song is where Callie Sioux's (bass, vocals, harmonica) voice rises into a lofty crescendo as Jhett's guitar soars to meet it. The whole song then dives into a foggy, spooky tripped out breakdown.

Whiskey Sue marks a transition, as the album moves into more folk rock territory. A couple of classic cover songs appear including "House Of The Rising Sun" and "Summer Wine."

I visited Gleewood in Ruidoso last summer and was lucky enough to employ my harmonica on the song "Of Mountains and Friends" I was floored to hear the way it came together. It's a very lively song that well matches it name. Joyful, is the main word that comes to mind.

"A Fall Ballad" the second from the last song showcases Gleewood's ability to slow things down and share beautiful life lessons. The song address mortality in a beautiful conversation between a young boy and an old man who are watching fall leaves. It's delivered in perfect Gleewood style as the band are devout Christians, however, the kind who are more given to living their faith that preaching it.

The album closes with "Runnin' From The Man" 
This song features Gleewood as the great duo they are. Jhett & Callie Sioux thrive with a full band, but they really rock as a two piece as well. I was happy to see them show that here. 
The song ends with an amazing vocal harmony that really demonstrates that Callie Sioux has found her voice. I can't say I've ever heard an album end better. I listened to this album start to finish 3 times the first two days I had it and I can't wait to make it the soundtrack of my summer travels.

Tom Bennett 

Musician/ Booker/ Author/ Sweet Salt Records

"Sweet, Sweet Time", Nominated for Best Rock Album of the Year by New Mexico Music Awards 2017

Read more here


"Hailing all the way from Ruidoso NM, one of today’s finest hard-working Americana Folk-Rock Husband/Wife Duos you will ever meet, returns with their brilliant new album “Sweet, Sweet Time”.

Who are they? They are Gleewood, and that’s a name you can count on seeing around for ages to come. They are pleasantly-dangerous and will consume you with their rhythm and grooves like a Ruidoso Fire while you desperately gasp your last breath of the mainstream world and into the Heavens of Indie music.

“Sweet, Sweet Time” is definitely an album to be experienced live, you will be forever blessed to have met both Callie and Jhett in person, whether it be between sets or having a few laughs and drinks after a show. Armed with a set consisting of two albums worth of songs, traditionals, covers, and many hearty tour-stories from the road, they will take you into their wonderful home on stage for three hours and you will have one of the best experiences you’ve ever had in your life for several lifetimes to come."

-Lochlann Green “From Texas And Beyond” KA-Radio 

Read more here 

"There's a petite ginger-haired songstress [Callie Sioux of Gleewood band] who can field-dress an elk by day and sing by night like Nancy Sinatra. There's a 6-foot-5, blond [Jhett Schiavone of Gleewood band] who dresses like Cochise and sings like a 70 year-old bluesman on a front porch in Clarksdale, Mississippi"

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"On Dec. 20, the husband and wife team of Jhett and Callie Sioux Schiavone , known as singing duo Gleewood, announced that their new Americana music video “Whiskey Sue” is set to stream on Ditty TV later this month.  Ditty TV has identified Dec. 21 at 11:00 p.m. CST as the premiere date of the video. The next day, Dec. 22, the network will broadcast Gleewood’s new "Whiskey Sue" music video again at 11:00 a.m CST."

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"This album has been a long time coming and thats why its titled, 'Sweet, Sweet Time.'"

Read More Here


"Since the release of their self-titled album, "Gleewood," their style has evolved form that original rootsy, acoustic sound into a more electric groove."

Read more here

"A deep bass voice meets a good looking tenor and instantly they knew they were from two different worlds. They also knew this new found fire wasn't going out."

Read more here



"I'll be honest, I'm loving what I hear!

Described before as "Coffee and Cream" and I can't help but agree; but even then I think that's a bit watered down. If it's a Gleewood morning I'll take my Coffee and Cream with an extra shot of "Whiskey Sue." ; ) "

Read more here



"Gleewood turned out to be a powerhouse Americana band, offering up traditional sounding tunes to folk to rock..."

 Read more here



"Bennett says you cannot go anywhere in New Mexico without meeting fans and friends of Gleewood."

 Read more here



"The pair seems to feed off of the insanity and their music, which has always had an eclectic, fun sound, and that now carries with it a maturity that only life experience can give."

 Read more here



"THEY ARE AMAZING!!! I had the pleasure to see them live back in the fall of 2015 and then I had the pleasure of booking them myself to play this spring of 2016 at a venue I book bands for. I CAN'T WAIT TO HAVE GLEEWOOD BACK!!! Austin TX get out and go see GLEEWOOD you will not be disappointed!!!"



"Whiskey Sue" Is A Rock Narrative About Jhett's (Guitar/Vocalist) Great Grandfather Running Whiskey Moonshine Into New York During The Prohibition Era. This Is A Deep And Bluesy Song. It´S Catchy Since The First Seconds. This Is Straight To The Point And Direct To The Heart Song. Great Job Guys! 

Read More Here


"Just caught Gleewood at the Roswell (UFO Festival 2015) show and I have to say the show they put on is a unique first-class one of a kind experience that is a tough act to top. Their music is like classic Americana, embracing all genres, from folk acoustic, some country, to heavy rock and roll, with hip guitar solo's from the heart of the psychedelic 60's. Seeing Gleewood in action is definitely worth it so don't miss them when they come through."

-Waylon Holman, UFO Fest, Roswell, NM



"Gleewood is the kind of band that makes you smile with their easy going and friendly way on stage.  If you're a fan of bands that you just can't pigeon hole, you'll love their sound which will remind you of the bluegrass and folk-influenced Grateful Dead with bits of folk, funk and jazz sprinkled throughout.  It's their very own "High Mountain Rock and Roll" vocally expressed with the sweet sounds of Callie Sioux and Jhett's bottomless baritone."

Michele M. Moroney
Media and Entertainment Coordinator
Grace O' Malley's Irish Pub

"On August 7, 2014, Gleewood was invited to perform at the Homewood Suites by Hilton-Durango, Colorado for our First Year Anniversary Celebration. They were amazing! They played the perfect music for a crowd of many generations. We had nothing but compliments regarding our choice of a band. Our party’s attendance included many corporate clients and partners who thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Thank you, Gleewood! We will definitely want you back again!"
Stefanie Mckinney
Director of Sales and Marketing
Homewood Suites by Hilton, Durango Colorado


 " Gleewood's fun, high energy performances were a perfect fit at Ski Apache - both in the Spirit Bar and outside on the Plaza. Jhett and Callie have developed quite a following in this area and our guests and local skiers are always glad to see them - they are easy to work with and very professional.We will always welcome them back to Ski Apache!"

Dorsey Grover, Marketing, Ski Apache


  "The best attendance we've had all summer thanks to their wonderful self-promotion and getting the word out... It really worked."

Delana Michaels, Owner / Event Coordinator, Old Dowlin Mill, NM


 "Awesome band! I loved their interaction with the crowd."

Jake Tanner
Owner/ Talent Booker
Blu Pig, Moab, UT
"A breath of fresh air."
Brian O'Dell
Owner/ Talent Booker
Black Range Vineyards Winery
"THANK YOU for bringing your talent to our establishment.  We can't
wait to have you back."
Zach Grant
Ale House GJ- Talent Buyer
Grand Junction, CO


Gleewood performed for the Soul of Thunder Concert Series.

See article here


 "I was urged by George Gatseos the Manager of The Fruita Fat Tire Festival to book the trio GLEEWOOD for the 2015 Festival. George had seen the band perform in our area and thought they would be great fit for the festival. At first I was hesitant to book a band that I had never heard of or seen live. However, I went forward with the booking and was very impressed with the bands performance & professionalism. Not only did they deliver a powerfully diversified set, they engaged the crowd and handled themselves like pros. You don't often see a trio this polished perform on large professional festival stages. Their music is hard to pigeon hole and describe which makes them a rare find for any promoter. Groove, Folk & Funk intertwined with awesome melodies & top notch musicianship. The crowd loved the band and was happy to meet the members of the band after their show at their merchandising area."

Jeffrey Inks

Fat Tire Festival Booking Agent - 10 years +

Publisher - The Source Newspaper - 23 Years +

Grand Junction, Colorado



"Together they are bold and sweet like coffee and cream. Their music pushes the boundaries of genre. They pull together an assemblage of elements to create an audio bouquet that is both nostalgic and current."

Read more here...



"Our friends at Gleewood delivered a set that was "smooth like gin." (Good gin!) There's somthin' hap'nin here, and it's exactly clear that Gleewood's unique sound will take them to great places."

-Michael Dellheim (Talent booker Santa Fe Bandstand, NM and Outside In Productions)



"The trio has a tight, engaging sound that's been hooking fans all over the southwest since they set out on the road last year.

But next week they'll be coming home for a special show, opening for southern

rock legends The Marshall Tucker Band, Thursday, June 18, at the Ruidoso Downs Race Track."

Read More here



“Even if it’s a story of woe, like a song that can be mellow or sad, I also want to turn them upside down and say, this is the good part,” she said. “This is why we keep going.”

 Read More here



Another artist featured on Friday was Gleewood which is comprised of a cowgirl, hippy and a jazzman blended together to create their own unique distinct sound as well.

 Read More here




The band Gleewood consists of Jhett Schiavone, 24,on guitar and vocals, Callie Sioux Schiavone, 23, on bass and vocals, and Josh Landry, 28, on drums and percussion. They are a full-time touring folk rock band.

Read More here



"The band started in Hawaii as a duo of New Mexico native Jhett Schiavone and singer Callie Sioux. Percussionist Myles Erdmann joined up, giving the band a “hippie-meets-Western folk rock” vibe, according to their press material."

Read more here



Constantly touring since the start, they’ve already played hundreds of shows and built a strong touring circuit that has earned them a very loyal fan base across the region. All their shows in the mountain states have earned them a reputation for being “Mountain Music.” It’s a title they agree with, adding “beer” in the middle, and explaining that a big part of their scene has been playing breweries around Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Texas and Arizona.

Read more here



Callie Sioux Schiavone writes about the images that pop into her head. In fact, that’s the preferred writing style that her band Gleewood likes to do most.

Oh, and they like to write while they are in the mountains.

“The process is really simple,” she says during a phone interview. “We write from what inspires us.”

Ruidoso-based Gleewood is touring in support of its self-titled album, which was released in November.

Read more here



Like most acts in the concert series, Gleewood will be giving a portion of ticket proceeds to a cause. A percentage of the $15 tickets sold will go to the Ruidoso High School track team.

Read more here



Both of the Schiavones are fourth generation New Mexicans, and use that heritage as a centerpiece for their music. Elements of other cultures far from the dry Southwest deserts have weaseled their way into Gleewood.

Celtic and jazz influences can be picked out in some songs by the duo, even some rock n’ roll components. It’s the melting of the hippie, acoustic songwriting style of Jhett Schiavone with Callie Schiavone’s country melodies that create Gleewood’s unlikely sound.

“Me and Callie, we feed off each other’s input, so it’s only natural for us to write music together,” Jhett Schiavone said.

Much like their music styles blending and chasing each other through the songs, the husband and wife also have a knack for finishing each other’s sentences.

Read more here



She's from a large musical family and grew up on a ranch. He's from a business family and snowboarding was his game.

His grandfather's grandfather was a Pinkerton on the railroad.

"My family was more than likely outlaws, an unruly Scottish clan," she said.

When Callie Sioux "Ginger" and Jhett Schiavone first laid eyes on each other in the Atticus Books and Tea House they took note.

"Whenever I could get off the ranch and get into town, I did," said Callie. "I'd see Jhett around and wonder 'who is this long-haired hippy kind of guy?'"

Jhett saw a beautiful red-headed girl standing in the classic section in cowboy boots.

Gleewood;s Jhett and Callie Schiavone embrace their heritage and faith in the songs they write. The couple will take their Indie folk rock style of
Gleewood's Jhett and Callie Schiavone embrace their heritage and faith in the songs they write. The couple will take their Indie folk rock style of music on the road this winter. The couple has released their first CD. An album-release party is scheduled for Nov. 22 at Sacred Grounds Coffee and Tea House on Sudderth Drive. (Courtesy)

"I had to know who she was and what she was about," he said.

Both fourth-generation New Mexicans, Callie grew up on a ranch north of Capitan and Jhett in the Can't Stop Smokin' barbecue family in Ruidoso. "Cowboy boots meet Converse," laughs Callie. "I was ropin' them and he was smoking them."

Both were home schooled. Both self-confessed book nerds. And both carry a deep love and respect for their roots, their families and their faith. The couple dated for three and a half years and married a year ago. But somewhere in that four and a half years, they began making music together. And now they're taking it on the road.



Ruidoso, N.M.-based folk duo Gleewood, made up of Jhett and Callie Sioux Schiavone, is celebrating the release of their new selftitled album with a free show at Atticus Coffee in Park City. The record showcases the band’s unique acoustic sound, created with strains of bluegrass and alt-country and touches of Celtic music. Jhett’s bass-y voice is an interesting foil to Callie’s sweet soprano harmonies, and both musicians seem like they’d be most at home weaving tales around a desert campfire under a full moon. “My Grandfather’s Grandfather” and “Great River” especially portray a fascinatingly dark and multifaceted storytelling element. 

Read more here


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